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Wait for a File or Registry Value to exist

Update 14/02/2017: It turns out that there is also a requirement to wait until a registry value exists and contains a particular piece of data. For this reason the script has been updated to include this functionality. The updated script is available below. When creating a login script, application pre-launch script or even building an […]

Active Directory User Attributes as Variables

On a number of occasions over the years I have found myself needing to gain access to Active Directory attributes; maybe in login scripts or even in AppSense Environment Manager and in later releases Application Manager as well. Whether this be for establishing conditions and therefore providing granular configuration or maybe even to just use […]

RemoteApp on Windows 7

Recently I upgraded to Windows 8. I then found that there was a requirement to use an application that would only run correctly in Windows 7. So, I figured that the easiest way would be to leverage Hyper-V in Windows 8 to install a Windows 7 VM. All was good and I could then RDP […]

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