Updated: Using a Local Temporary Profile – Part 2

Previous posts on here have discussed the use of a local temporary profile in order to ease configuration and maintenance of a mandatory profile.

Well with the arrival of AppSense Environment Manager 8.2 we now also have the ability to use PowerShell in Custom Actions and Conditions. So, I have now created an EM snippet that will achieve the following when used in a configuration…

Snippet Flowchart

The snippet makes use of the new If…Then…Else conditions also available in EM 8.2 and can be downloaded here

Edit 28th January 2012
The profile spoofing has been refactored to make better use of the If…Else construct available in the newer versions. This has meant a slight change to the flow above but not a drastic one. For legacy purposes the previous snippet will still be available. Download the new file here.