Rsync Slow When Copying Between my NSLU2 and DD-WRT

Recently I’ve run into issues where syncing files from the 1TB USB 2.0 drive attached to my DD-WRT router to the 1TB USB 2.0 drive attached to my NSLU2 (running Debian Squeeze) was really slow (~300kB/s). I’m not sure when this slow down started but obviously it’s painstaking when syncing large files (movies etc).

Things I tried: –

  • All sorts of socket options for Samba but these didn’t help.
  • Switching from using Samba for accessing the router to UNFS.

No joy, the speed was still about the same.

I then tried setting up Rsync as a server on the router and making the NSLU2 act as a client. Set up was easy enough, I followed the tutorial here.

I tried the sync again. Bingo!! I’ve now gone up to having transfer speeds in the region of 3.0MB/s.