Updated: Using a Local Temporary Profile for AppSense

Previously I wrote a post about using a Local Temporary profile in an AppSense environment and how to achieve. Well there have been some updates on this. It appears that WinXP and Server 2003 do not contain the USERNAME and USERDOMAIN values in the Volatile Environment key.

You can use the WMI to retrieve the user’s SID, however beware I have seen this cause a slow down of approximately 30 seconds in a multi-domain environment (hence the reason for creating the script which looks at the registry values).

Any way here’s an EM Snippet (created using EM 8.1) that achieves the very same thing.

Also, note that updating the State value is no longer run under the System account. When running under the System account in EM 8.1 you do not access environment variables from the user’s environment; instead they are taken from the System account environment. This means that a %USERSID% key is created in ProfileList with the State value in there, obviously not what is required. I have identified that Authenticated Users should actually have Set Value permissions on the ProfileList key by default

ProfileList Permissions