Logged In User Initial and Grouping

This one came up for me a while ago (probably about 3 years ago actually). My customer was redirecting folders for the users but they had decided, for some reason, to batch these users into groups based on their initial. This meant that redirection inside an EM could become more complex than it really needed to be; multiple conditions to check if the username started with a particular set of letters rather before creating the redirection. I much prefer where possible to keep things simple; I mean what would have happened if the groupings had changed? That would have meant multiple changes within the configuration.

To avoid this, I wrote a script to determine what group the letter should be in and then set that as an environment/session variable. This allows the group to be set early on in the login process and I can then use this later on when I do the redirection, e.g. \\fileserver\redirected\%initial_group%\%username%\Documents or \\fileserver\redirected\$(initial_group)\%username%\Documents. The advantage of this, well, I now only have one entry per folder for redirection and if that changes, I just need to ensure that the relevant variables reflect the correct/new location – no reason why this thinking can’t be extended to include the fileserver portion as a variable as well (maybe the users are on differing file servers dependant on location etc).